The Lord said to me "' Stitch these different Ministries together"'


Mike Harris
"Michael Harris
(the trustee of The Mazlen Trust) is the man with the 'VISION'"

The Mazlen Trust

The Mazlen Trust has three buildings which Michael has dedicated to his work for the Lord through FC-OC 2007. These properties are to be used as a LEARNING Centre, as a GIVING Centre and as a TRAINING (Rehabilitation) Centre. The TRAINING Centre is 'up and running'. Michael is at present busy setting up the other two Centres. This will involve taking transfer of the LEARNING Centre and removing so-called 'squatters' from both the properties earmarked for the LEARNING centre and the GIVING Centre. Quite a task. Says Michael "I believe that the Lord is with me in this 'VISION'" In fact it is actually His 'VISION'. Look at the three Bible verses under which the 'VISION' is running.
Sonke ePages


Stuart and Ingrid Schwabe and their team at Sonke-ePages, Norwood, Gauteng, South Africa. Generous spirits, worlds of knowledge and experience created this website, Digital Brochure, Email Branding Template as their small contribution to this great initiative. Stuart and Ingrid look forward to working with the other Members and Partners in driving this anti-crime and rehabilitation campaign, which is a Mazlen initiative.

First Rand
"Praise the good banker".
"GT" Ferreira who was the Chairman of
FirstRand Limited
FirstRand Bank Limited/FNB

FirstRand Group

On the 7/11/07 "GT" Ferreira and Michael shook hands on a ‘deal’ to “settle” things. On the 19/11/07 a Settlement Agreement was produced by FirstRand Group. There were basically three ‘parts’ to the Settlement Agreement 19/11/07 that they got Michael to sign.

  1. The 1st part’ of the Settlement Agreement 19/11/07:
    FirstRand Group were to pay R 3 million to The Mazlen Trust. Says Michael “They did pay the R 3 million. Praise the GOOD Lord”.

    The 2ndpart’ of the Settlement Agreement 19/11/07:
    They would pay a further R 200,000-00 for the acquisition and the rehabilitation of a building which they had ‘taken/kept’ from The Mazlen Trust way back in 1999. They were to assist The Mazlen Trust to take transfer of this property which was ‘dead and buried’ in the Estate of Mazlen Holdings (Pty) Ltd, which was a company that Michael formed in 1971 and which the bank Liquidated in 1998. The way that this bank went about Liquidating the company resulted in Michael laying 19 Police Cases against the Directors and the bank and the Managers of the bank and their agents – Auditors, lawyers and Estate Agents. Says Michael “The R 200,000-00 has been paid. Praise the GOOD Lord”. It sits in the bank. We are now still struggling to get the co-operation that the bank promised us so that transfer will finally pass to The Mazlen Trust – 10 years after the trust paid in full for the property. 10 years ago the trust also paid the transfer costs and lawyers fees. What a struggle it has been with this bank. Only GOD could do such a thing as this – get us our property back after 10 years !

    (Their actions were so bad against us, Clients who had banked there for over 40 years, that 19 Police Cases had already been opened against them by the time that “GT” approached Michael in the foyer just before the Discovery AGM in 2007 and asked Michael to meet with him to “settle”)

    The thirdpart’ of the Settlement Agreement 19/11/07:
    They agreed to look at financing/sponsoring an anti-crime and rehabilitation campaign which Michael discussed with “GT” on the 7/11/07 and which “GT” gave Michael his word that FirstRand Group would support. Michael still has the notes which he made at the meeting with “GT” on the 7/11/07 and he still has the notes which he made when he met with Mr Bruce Unser and Ms Sam Moss before he signed their Settlement Agreement on the 19/11/07. Their Settlement Agreement was presented for signing on the 19/11/07. On the 12/12/07 Michael submitted the first ‘draft’ of the Proposal covering the anti-crime and rehabilitation campaign, a Mazlen initiative. Thereafter FirstRand Group delayed Michael for 12 months by refusing to supply to him the relevant information that was needed in order for him to finalize the Proposal. In November 2008 Michael submitted the Final Formal Proposal. It was submitted without vital information which they had promised to supply to Michael, so that the Proposal would be in the best form to succeed. For 23 months they kept making Michael promises. They told him that the funding/sponsorship would be forthcoming, and that the Proposal was being looked at by the “relevant people” in the Group. Michael says that the “relevant people” are the Directors because Michael was expected to stop proceedings in about 19 Police Cases against these Directors. Michael did stop. He stopped with Damages Claims of R 50 million. As soon as Michael signed he stopped. Michael was on the verge of opening a further 2 Police Cases at the time that “GT” approached him and asked him to meet in order to “settle”. That was on the 7/11/07. After 10 years of ‘fighting’ this bank Michael was so elated at ‘settling” that he was only too happy to not attend at the 2007 AGM of FRL. Michael did not, at that time, proceed with the 2 new Police Cases. They were very serious Cases against the Directors and against the Auditors and the bank lawyers involving Tax Evasion, Money-Laundering, Organized Crime, ‘Conspiracy’, ‘Corruption’, ‘Collusion’, Fraud.

  2. Some other salient points :
  3. There is a written Settlement Agreement 19/11/07. It was supposed to be ‘confidential’. However the Agreement was cancelled by Michael on the 9/10/09. It was cancelled after giving at least 4 separate Notices to comply. The bank did not even reply to the Notices. The bank completely ignored the Notices. Michael can supply a copy of the Agreement with pleasure if anybody wishes to see it.
  4. The Claim against FirstRand Group was for R 50 million. It involved personal Damages of R 5 million, the loss of a Company worth R 17 million (based on the bank’s own values) plus other Damages which included Punitive Damages. It was based on 40 years of hard honest work building up a Company for Michael’s family and for Charity, only to have it Liquidated by this bank. The way this was done was despicable and so ugly that it resulted in about 19 Police Cases being opened against the Directors and their agents – their Auditors and lawyers and Estate Agents. Michael has personal experience of what a bank can do, using their Auditors as the Liquidators (in secret) and using their lawyers and Estate Agents that they appoint. The Settlement Agreement 19/11/2007 has been cancelled. We have retained the R 3,2 million paid out to us in order to ‘settle’ us, as “rouwkoop”.
    (“Rouwkoop” is what Michael learned from the lawyer who holds the Auditor’s’ shares in a “dummy” “front” Company so that the bank’s Auditors can secretly Liquidate and Sequestrate Clients of the bank. This disgustingly flawed ‘Conflict of Interests’ is a disgrace and it is disgusting, but it is quite ‘normal’ and ‘fine’ and ‘business as usual’ for the Shareholders and the Directors and the Auditors and the lawyers of FRL/FRBL/ FNB; where these people are so ‘powerful’ and so ‘moneyed’ that they can ‘influence’ even the IRBA/PAAAB to agree for this Bad Business Practice to take place)
  5. We have increased our Claim/s to R 60 million (odd).
  6. Michael is personally again proceeding with the 24 Police Cases. Ref is his own personal website
  7. We are trying our very best to proceed with the anti-crime and rehabilitation campaign, a Mazlen initiative - ref is our website, but without the promised funding/sponsorship because these people just ‘could not resist’ to Rob someone, anyone. They ended up deciding to ROB GOD.
  8. Just R 3 million plus R 200,000-00 and the property was accepted because we were promised the funding/sponsorship by “GT” and by Mr Bruce Unser. It is just the quantum of the funding/sponsorship that we were waiting to hear about. They kept asking us to be patient and to “indulge” them. The Mazlen Trust and Michael’s family and Michael have, to date, Invested/Committed at the very least R 3,29 Million to this venture. They (this bank) kept promising but their promises were all just ‘empty talk’. Michael worked full-time on the venture for the past two years. In the Proposal Michael asked for just R 6,000-00 pm. It is ‘Church wages’. ‘In the World’ Michael was earning   R 30,000-00 plus expenses pm in the 80’s. Now he works for the Lord in the Kingdom - so he asked for just R 6,000-00 pm. Even this small wage they held back on paying to Michael. But they encouraged Michael for 23 months to proceed with the campaign.
  9. It can not be about the money – from their side. These are R multi Billionaire Companies. Even the three main Directors involved are R multi-Billionaires
    The campaign is such a wonderful venture that we ‘bent over backwards’ for 23 months while they ‘led us up the garden path’. Then they slammed the gate in our faces. Yes we have ‘bloody noses’. But we will press on with the campaign and we will insist that FirstRand Group now pays the full Damages originally claimed, plus a further amount in Damages due to the way they encouraged us to spend our hard-earned money and work so hard on the campaign. They have damaged our good names as well as the good name of The Mazlen Trust. Not once over the 23 month period did we receive one single negative response from them. Michael personally sent in at least 6 ‘draft’ Proposals/Report- backs.
  10. We will be happy to use the Damages money on the campaign. But it would have been so much easier had this bank honored the Settlement Agreement 19/11/07.
  11. Every single thing that we write here Michael will back up by way of many many written appeals. There is a whole file of correspondence post 7/11/07. Not once were we told to stop. Not once were we told not to spend our time and our money. We were in fact encouraged to continue. Because of the extreme value that we place on the campaign we continued in good faith. Furthermore, in the Agreement they use words like “spirit” “good will” “trust”. “GT”  promised, in the Agreement, “his personal commitment to this process of reconciliation”. Soon after Michael signed “GT” retired. The new Chairman “LL” Dippenaar refuses to meet with Michael. Michael has asked so many times for a meeting. We hear nothing. The same goes for “GT”. “GT” promised to support the campaign but now he is gone and can not attend a meeting with Michael. He says, for 2 years now, that he is too busy to meet with Michael.
  12. Finally in July 2009 they came with a Special Consultant. He is a Mr Millwood. Michael says that appointing Mr Millwood was just a ruse. He refused  to confirm the Minutes of a 4-hour Meeting. He broke his word to us. He did not reply to correspondence. He just disappeared. Michael can supply the Minutes of the Meeting and he can supply correspondence which has to this day not even been acknowledged as being received by Mr Millwood. It was all sent by registered mail to him, with copies to FirstRand Group. Says   Michael “It was all just delaying tactics to keep me away from the FRL AGM’s”. The lawyer for the FirstRand Group, Mr Robert Driman of Deneys Reitz said about the campaign : “Mr Harris if I had the money I myself would be sponsoring your campaign”. Earlier he said that FRG had appointed Mr Millwood to simply “Adjust the fit of the shoe where it is pinching” (i. e. ‘dot he i’s and cross the t’s ’ is what we understood him to mean) before the money for the campaign was forthcoming.
  13. It is Michael’s belief that First National Bank were not serious about supplying us with the promised funding/sponsorship. They were desperate to keep Michael away from the 2007 AGM of FRL. They succeeded. Then Michael believes that they ‘strung us along’ for the next 12 months with their empty promises and their incessant ‘excuses’ in order to keep Michael away from the 2008 AGM of FRL and of Discovery.
  14. On the 25/11/09 and on the 1/12/09 Michael attended at the FRL and the Discovery AGM’s to ask questions about the promised funding/sponsorship as well as the Damages Claims. Michael is again proceeding with the now 13 year ‘fight’ and he intends to  keep on asking questions about the 24 Police Cases which are naming this Public Company and this Public bank, the Directors, the Auditors and the lawyers and Estate Agents. Says Michael “ It is a great pity I have to do this. I had hoped that the 10 year ‘fight’ was over when I signed the Settlement Agreement 19/11/07 which they prepared and asked me to sign. Two years later I had to go back to their AGM’s to try to get answers”.
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