The Lord said to me "' Stitch these different Ministries together"'


Carl and Carol Carmody Carl and Carol Carmody from Australia At the foot of the cross

Challenge Newspaper

Carl Carmody works for Today's Challenge Newspaper The Challenge is distributed to Churches in South-Africa through Multi Ministries. In the year 2001 Carl was introduced to Michael Harris by Dr Harold Peasley of Multi-Ministries and Rev Willie Dengler of the Mayfair Baptist Church/World Hope Ministries. Michael's 'vision' to take a Bible placement and Spiritual Programme into every Prison in South Africa and into every Prison of the World seemed an impossible dream. However Carl and Dr Harold had other ideas! Through free advertising and distribution of the Challenge Newspaper the Spiritual Programme reached out into all 250 Prisons in South Africa. This Bible placement and Spiritual Programme is now running in 180 South African Prisons, as well as in many Prisons around the World. Over 23,000 Inmates have entered the Programme. Praise the GOOD Lord.

Thank God Family At the foot of the cross

Thank GOD for family

Here is an opportunity to 'catch' this 'vision' which Michael Harris started in 2001 at "Sun City" Prison, Johannesburg, South-Africa.

If you would like to Minister to the families and visitors at Prisons, contact FC-OC 2007.


At the foot of the cross Fear Free Life
"At the foot of the Cross"
Barbra, Mdumeseni and George.

Fear Free Life


  1. VISION Addressing crime and gangsterism holistically by helping reformed criminals and gangsters to be responsible and God fearing individuals,
  1. Addressing crime and gangsterism holistically in and outside prison by challenging gangster; and criminals to change their lifestyle through our mind renewal Programmes.


  • Work together with the Government and the Private Sector in offering relevant Programmes and Counseling.
  • To help victims of gangsterism and Crime as a way of helping to heal and recover from the trauma,
  • To perpetrators of crime, and gangsterism as a way of positively challenging their offending behaviour and help them to change their lives in a positive way.
  • Positively challenging the perpetrators and the victims to discover their purpose in life and help them to excel and be leaders in their area of calling.
  • To lobby the Private and the Public Sector to effectively support rehabilitation Programmes in all correctional and detention centers.

Mdumeseni is a Founding Member of FC-OC 2007