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Members of the Section 21 Company -

First Community Outreach Centre (FC-OC 2007)

Michael Harris, Meriel Harris, Dr Pearl Botha, Mdumeseni Nkosi, Stuart Schwabe, Ingrid Brady-Schwabe.


Michael Harris, Meriel Harris.

Board of Reference.

Rev. Willie Dengler, Lenny Zohn and Rev. Alvin Francies - World Hope Foundation Texas USA, Dr Harold Peasley - Multi-Ministries, Carl Carmody - Challenge Newspaper.

Michael E Harris Email:

Business Telephone Number: +27 11 482 1056

Cell: +27 76 393 0321

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Should you decide to be a part of this campaign to fight Crime in South Africa (and around the World) please complete this section.
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The Lord Bless you.

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