Mike and Meriel Meriel and Michael
"at the foot of the cross"


In 1955 Meriel Harris (then Duncan) gave her life to the Lord at a Scripture Union camp. Michael committed his life to the Lord after the tragic death of his son in 1994. Meriel completed her Theology Diploma through the George Whitfield Theological College (CESA) in 1999.
In 1971 Michael Harris established The Mazlen Trust to provide for his family and thereafter for Charity. From 1971 to 1998 Michael worked extremely hard in business to build up the assets in The Mazlen Trust.
Then in 1998 a bank turned on Mazlen and liquidated the trading company Mazlen Holdings (Pty) Ltd. "This was after I had banked with them for over 40 years! I fought to keep the company, but the bank was insistent. Next this bank Sequestrate my own personal Estate."
"After a 10 year 'fight' with this bank, on the 7/11/2007, I shook hands with the Chairman of the Holding Company of this bank and we settled our differences."

The start of the Charity work for the Lord through The Mazlen Trust.

"On the 6/5/1994 my beloved son Andrew had been shot through the heart in a high-jacking attempt. He died almost instantly." Following Andrew's death Michael turned to the Lord in despair. It was then that the Lord 'told' Michael to use the properties which he had been able to acquire in Mazlen's name for His work, to the Glory of GOD.
"From 2000 to 2005 I worked in the Prison Ministry. I myself was in Prison for 9 months during part of 2000, as an awaiting trial prisoner. I shot and wounded the lawyer from the bank that Liquidated Mazlen Holdings (Pty) Ltd. I was acquitted on a charge of attempted murder. When I was released from the awaiting trial Prison, after the Magistrate told me "Go home Mr Harris", then the Lord told me to go back in as a spiritual worker. The Lord gave me a 'vision' which was to take a Bible placement and Spiritual Programme into every Prison in South Africa and into every Prison of the World! "It was impossible" says Michael." Except that GOD chose Rev Willie Dengler of the Mayfair Baptist Church to 'catch' the 'vision' ". Next GOD brought along Rosy Jacobs, such a dedicated Child of GOD, to work with Michael and Willie on the Administration. Then the GOOD Lord introduced Dr Harold Peasley (Multi-Ministries South Africa) and Carl Carmody from Australia (Today's Challenge Newspaper) to the 'vision'. With their generous spirits and brilliant minds Dr Harold and Carl came alongside to help Michael and Willie with the promotion of the 'vision'. Through free advertising and distribution of the Challenge Newspaper the Spiritual Programme reached out into all 250 Prisons in South Africa. This Bible placement and Spiritual Programme is now running in 180 South African Prisons, as well as in many Prisons around the World. Over 23,000 Inmates have entered the Programme.
Pastor Willie Dengler is today heading up the 'vision' in Africa. He also travels overseas promoting the 'vision' through World Hope Ministries. Praise the GOOD Lord"