Vision and Mission

At the foot of the cross
"At the foot of the Cross"

"Visit those who have JESUS in prison in themselves. Visit the prison of man, where he, man, holds JESUS the Christ, the living pulsating blood of GOD, as a prisoner, trapped in a cell, in the vessel of his body".

Andrew 19/2/2000 "Sun City" Prison,Johannesburg,
Gauteng South Africa.


To work for God's Kingdom through LEARNING, GIVING, TRAINING Centers in the 9 Provinces of South Africa and throughout the World and to take Spiritual Programmes into every Prison in South Africa, and into all the Prisons of the World.


To participate in JESUS' Prayer "Thy Kingdom come ... "Matt.6:10 and
To be a part of JESUS' Great Commission Matt. 28:16-20. .